Called to serve the nations

"Missions" is a big part of everything we do. As believers, we've all been given a mandate by Christ

to “Go and make disciples of all nations.”  LIFE Fellowship endeavors to advance the Kingdom of

Heaven in our "Jerusalem, andin all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.” (Acts 1:8)

We do this locally by serving the community around us. We also support others around the world who are bringing the

love of Christ to areas outside of our personal reach. Keep scrolling to learn more about the missionaries we support!

  • Mike & Mary Bave

    Pembrokeshire, Wales

    Mike Bave is a national of Wales. He and his wife Mary have returned to the land

    of his birth to assist the United Kingdom national Foursquare leadership in planting churches throughout Wales, where currently there is no Foursquare presence.

    The Baves have recently accepted an invitation to pastor Bethel Chapel, an independent historical church in the town of Pembroke Dock, with a view to planting other Foursquare churches from this base. They are planning creative ways to reach the community of Pembroke Dock – designated by the Welsh government as a town of deprivation – through such projects as “Bethel Restaurant” serving good quality inexpensive meals, and a ministry called “Messy Church,” an innovative outreach to children and their parents.

  • Foursquare Children of promise


    FCOP International is a ministry dedicated to building the kingdom of God

    through meeting urgent needs and doing good deeds to bring holistic health

    to hurting and oppressed people. Just a few ways they do this:

    • Operate 106 church/orphan homes throughout Cambodia

    • Care for ~3,000 orphans and separated children each year

    • Staff ~600 widows (one for every five children we care for)

    • Rescue, train, equip and release sexually trafficked young women

    • Provide advance educational training for qualified orphans

    • Continue the family relationship with 15,000 orphans who

    have been raised even for a short time in our homes.

  • Tim & Kristina O’Toole

    Galway, Ireland

    The O’Tooles assignment has taken them to Galway on the west coast of Ireland with a desire to see the spiritually seeking people of Ireland connected to God. Their vision is to establish churches that will Reach, Train and Send Irish church planters, ensuring that Christian Irish culture will live on and be passed down to successive generations.   

  • Maoz Israel

    Tel Aviv, Israel

    Maoz Israel Ministries, a Messianic Jewish ministry in Israel, is a catalyst and

    vehicle for outreach, training, translating, publishing, music recording, video production, economic and disaster relief, and has established and underwrites

    a Hebrew indigenous Messianic Jewish congregation in Tel Aviv. Lead by Ari & Shira Sorko-Ram, Maoz exists to be a witness of the Good News to the people of Israel in outreach, discipleship and raising up godly Israeli leaders until the day when "All Israel Shall be Saved.   

  • HAITI Sewing School

    Republic of Haiti

    Investment in an orphanage has given place to investment in a sewing school for the children of Haiti. This is providing a tangible and practical future for these beautiful children as they transition into adulthood.