• sharon boyden

    assisting minister/chaplain

    Sharon is a Foursquare Chaplain who serves at Sullivan County Nursing Home, alongside Pastors Mike and Carol Gibson at The King's Table, and in various ways here at LIFE Fellowship.

  • Mike & Carol Gibson


    Mike & Carol provide pastoral oversight of our Missional Congregation, The King's Table, a dynamic congregation for adults with special needs.

  • tim & tamara golden

    Missional Congregation pastors

    Tim and Tamara are lead pastors at Life On Main, a Missional Congregation of LIFE Fellowship that provides a traditional church service for those raised in a typical, New England town. Tamara also directs the Abundant Life Centre in Charlestown, where she helps people live the healthy, abundant life they were designed for. 

    Tim:        | Tamara:   

  • david & cindy grasso


    In answer to God’s calling, David and Cindy returned to their native, New England roots to serve as pastors at Life Fellowship Foursquare Church in Charlestown, NH where they have been since October of 2004. 

  • Jimmie & Kate Neilsen

    Assisting pastors

    Jimmie oversees operations and strategic vision for LIFE Fellowship. He also is the founder of REMIX, a coffee bar & social club ministry in Claremont. Kate leads as Administrative Pastor, oversees LIFE's worship ministry, and assists at REMIX.

    Jim: | Kate:

  • lance nelson

    assisting Pastor

    Lance and his wife Dottie both serve at Life On Main alongside Pastors Tim and Tamara Golden.

  • ALbert and brandee phiri

    youth PASTORs

    Albert and Brandee serve as Youth Pastors and assisting ministers at LIFE Fellowship.