We have the privilege of partnering together with Joni & Friends ministry "Wheels For The World" 

as a collection center for wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, and other mobility assistance that are

sent around the world to those in need. Here's how is works:

Step 1: Donated Wheelchairs

Individuals (such as yourself!) and organizations collect used, but restorable, wheelchairs. 

Those wheelchairs are brought to our designated collection area at LIFE Fellowship.

Step 2: Transportation

The collected wheelchairs are then transported to the nearest participating correctional facility.

Step 3: Restoration

Inmates at correctional facilities across the US restore the used wheelchairs to like-new condition.

Step 4: Distribution

Once restored, these wheelchairs are shipped all over the world to those in need! Each wheelchair

recipient receives a custom-fit wheelchair and training in wheelchair use and upkeep. Team

members also present each recipient with a Bible and the Gospel message.

If you'd like to Donate or Volunteer with this ministry, please contact our ministry leaders: Casey & Darlene Strand