Are you a new believer or would like to be mentored in a small setting?  One to one discipleship allows a more

personal coaching and encouraging environment where the basics of God's Word and how to apply them are taught.

This is a learning environment where your relationship with Jesus Christ becomes engaging, practical, relational, 

and real with another disciple walking you through.  Contact Doreen Scott for more information.


Do you have a passion and willingness to draw closer to God through vision casting, recruiting, organization, training, 

sports, and encouragement?  If you said yes, then an outlet group might be a perfect fit for you.  Slightly larger than 'One to One', Outlet groups are small, 2-4 person, groups that develop a regular time of Bible reading and devotions and learn

to apply the Word together.  Contact Pastor Tim Golden for a list of Outlet Groups near you.


Finding a home group is a cornerstone to anyone believers walk with Christ.  It gives you an opportunity

to experience true fellowship and genuine connection to others who are on the same spiritual journey

as you.  There are a few home groups available to help you establish and build friendships in a

Christ-centered environment.  Contact the church office for a list of locations.